Asa Ibelik

Activity of the Company is manufacturing prestressed reinforced concrete structures-RC structures, manufacturing and assembly of facilities of wide use and industrial production of floors. In production facility, measuring of 4.000 m2, are placed metal plant, reinforcement plant and laboratory for testing concrete quality.

ASA-IBELIK uses a system of fast production of prefabricated construction elements. In our plant is also carried out the process of prestressing structural elements by which is primarily achieved the durability and stability. Precast concrete structure consists of columns, beams and ceiling plates. It allows construction of different structures by using a relatively small number of standard elements, produced at the plant in large quantities.

Business reputation and position on the market of ASA-IBELIK are improved with constant care for quality of products and services. Sevices quality we achieve by increasing productivity, quality and met the deadlines of works by continual investments in management development, education of personnel and adopting new technologies. Adoption of new technologies is essential for maintaining and improving the quality of production and services. ASA-IBELIK follows new trends  in construction, and adopt new technologies and apply them in the production of prefabricated elements and construction. Apart from manufacturing, new technologies are introduced in the organization of management, improving IT equipment, construction organization and marketing approach.