About us

By measured development strategy, by creating superior human resources and organisational resources, was built RAJ HOLDING Corporation trustworthy and provides an image of a serious, professional and long-term partner.

RAJ HOLDING is organised in accordace with modern business tendencies in order to provide better and more efficient access to markets as well as better internal organisation.

Production capacity at our disposal, machinery that we posess, modern approaches to design, professional structure of our management, ensure RAJ HOLDING competent in the scope of construction, engineering, design and consulting services. High quality standards of performed works are achieved by production development and its improvement, by using modern construction system, flexibile organisation and innovation. Access to implementation of contracted projects with previously well developed technical preparation and organisation of all phases of works and selecting the most optimal building techniques.

Because of the operational monitoring of basic construction activity, RAJ HOLDING has organised its own plants for production of building material. Production capacity of our production plants are also used for needs of our own building cites thereby increasing competitivness in more demanding market.

To productive resources we provide particular importance.

We accomplish wide business cooperation with financial institutions, which ensures high safety in business operations. Success in business activities and its results are reflected in many constructed buildings.